Open Burning and Burn Permits

Municipal Code Regarding Open Burning:

Sec 7-60. Open burning prohibited

     No person shall kindle or maintain outside of a habitable building any bonfire or burn permit to be burned any trash, paper, garbage, rubbish, wastepaper, wood, weeds, brush, plants or other other combustible or flammable material anywhere within the limits of the Town except when:

     (a)  The burning is solely for cooking food for human beings, and said cooking is done in a manner consistent with safe practice;

     (b)  The burning is a training fire conducted by the Fire Department and approved by the Fire Chief.

     (c)   The burning is for the purpose of clearing an accumulation of leaves, grass, weeds or other plant materials and such burning shall be done in a manner so as not to present a fire hazard and the burning shall be done during certain seasons of the year when the Town Manager shall issue by publication a general permit for such burning.

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