Town of Springfield, Colorado 

​​The Springfield Municipal Court hears traffic and animal offenses of alleged violations of town ordinances. The Municipal Court has authority over violations of the Springfield Municipal Code.  Some charges require an appearance in court, while others may be resolved by paying a fine. Court is held the first and third Monday of each month excluding Town Holidays. A current list of all 2018 court dates is available here. If you have any question regarding a citation please call the Court Clerk at (719) 523-6524. Having your ticket number and court date will be helpful in finding the citation. 

The Municipal Court is not a court of record. 


All non - summons tickets can be paid online here or by calling toll-free 1(800) 444-1187. In order to prevent more charges being assessed, the defendant must pay before the set court date on the citation. Plea negotiations are available if desired, for more information on plea agreements and deferrals or any other questions regarding your citation please contact the Municipal Court Clerk at (719) 523-6524.

Municipal Court

748 Main Street
Springfield, CO 81073

Judge - Linda Gibson

Court Clerk – Christy Brady