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Winter Season Preparedness

Mayor Walker presenting Starlite Motel (Mike and Tiffany West) with $100 award


  • Discuss workplace winter plans with employer
  • Consider keeping blankets, extra clothing, drinking water and non-perishable foods in go-kit
  • Identify alternate travel routes to and from work and refuge locations

Residential Winner:

Diane Sylvester 840 Fountain


  • Ensure vehicle fuel remains at or above 1/4 tank
  • Replace summer windshield washer fluid with winter rated type
  • Ensure vehicle is in good repair before departing
  • Consider keeping blankets, extra clothing, drinking water and non-perishable foods in vehicle
  • Check for weather conditions and updates prior to departure
  • Identify alternate routes to and from destinations

Mayor Walker presenting Diane Sylvester with $100 award

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Business Winner:

Starlite Motel (Mike and Tiffany West) 681 Main


  • Stock enough drinking water and non-perishable food to support each person for at least three (3) days
  • Discuss with your Doctor the ability to obtain overlap medications
  • Ensure heaters are woking properly
  • Replace/check batteries in smoke detectors
  • Obtain flashlights, batteries and a battery powered radio
  • Never operate grills inside
  • Coordinate with neighbors for mutual aid

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